Wire Gap Electronics
       Wire Harness and Cable Repair
                Call (631)-316-5773  

*We Can Repair Any Wire Harness From Any Equipment 
     Our goal is to fill in the "Gap" and offer specialized services that Medical Companies, Machine
           supplier and Car Dealerships no longer provide such as Wire Harness Replacement and Repair.


   Repair and Assembly Charges...
   Once we receive your wire harness or cable assembly for repair
we will examine your equipment and provide you with a free estimate.


                               Please Call or Email us For a Free Estimate  
 You must include a prepaid shipping label to ensure your merchandise gets returned to you in a timely fashion.

                                                             Payment Options for Repair Jobs:
                                                                 .Electronic transfer
                                                                 .Money order
                                                                 .Checks or cashier’s check


                                    Contact Ron @ (631)-316-5773





































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