Wire Gap Electronics
       Wire Harness and Cable Repair

        We Can Repair Damage Wires From Any Type of Equipment
Our goal is to fill in the "gap" and offer you a
specialized service that manufacturers no longer provide.

We have over 40 years of experience in all electrical cable and wire harness repairs. We restore hard to replace cables and wire harnesses that are damaged due to electrical fires, fuse overload or from cracking and brittleness.
We work from any and all types of equipment.

Our Services for Electrical Repair include the Following:

Automotive ,
 Heavy Machinery,  Con Ed,  Medical
New York Transit,  
Prototypes   and Household Appliances.

Once we identify the problem with your equipment we will contact
you by phone or e mail you with an estimate.
We provide low rates with the highest quality of service.

Please go to our contact page for shipping instructions.




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